In a confusing, turbulent world between reality and surreality.
Continuously we move through space and time, frequently neglecting the beauty of our surroundings…

Attempting to capture the sense of turbulence and confusion of our own world, “Johnson” takes us into a hypothetical future where digital has taken over at the same time nature has reclaimed its territory due to people’s neglect of their actual surroundings.

for Kruder & Dorfmeister
Directors: Oscar Pecher & Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

Some days we find ourselves on an obscure road of eternal darkness.

You don‘t know who you are and where you want to go. Your own reality becomes distorted and the perception of ordinary things suddenly becomes abstract. You carry heavy ballast with you, a shadow that you cannot encounter.

Director: Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

Sometimes the things that never
happen have just as big of an influence…

„One Second Of Sehnsucht“ deals with our creative protagonist’s future, that actually didn’t hap- pen. Starting in the mid-nineties, Dian continuously dreamt about a life in New York City. But, all that wasn’t meant to be. To this day, he never lived or worked outside of Austria, and has never visited New York City …

One Second of Sehnsucht
for Cainné Angste
Directors: Moritz Uthe & Oscar Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

„Extreme goals demand extreme gear, so you
can focus on what matters most: the moment.“

To be able to experience the extreme, we also need extreme equipment that defies all weather si- tuations and still offers its wearer maximum freedom of movement. So at “The Moment” we cele- brate the Mammut x Gore Tex Pro collection – your faithful horse for real and endless adventures, the window to the world that can take us “out there”, into the great unknown and allow us to have the most beautiful experiences, personal and unforgettable.

La Liste Pro
for Mammut & Gore-Tex
Director: Oscar Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – a figure whose life was as dramatic as his art, navigated a world of light and shadow not just on canvas but within the tumult of his own existence.

L’Atto Finale ventures into the heart of his genius, capturing the tumultuous dance between creation and destruction. His story, marked by brilliance and brawls, passion and peril, mirrors the intense emotions and revolutionary techniques that define his works. As his paintings come to life, they echo his personal battles, blurring the lines between artist and art, illuminating the profound truth that genius walks hand in hand with madness.

L’Atto Finale
for Caravaggio
Directors: Florian Hülbig & Lisa Haake
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

We celebrate World Photography Day this week, joining Giulia Gartner in a unique journey that took her across Turkey, looking for the photo she’s always wanted to take.

As a rider, Giulia always felt a profound connection with horses. Their boundless freedom and fearlessness in exploring resonate with her passion for travel and photography. Live through Giulia’s lens the exact moment when the earth trembles beneath her feet as a herd of wild horses races before her in eyes.

for Blue Banana Brand
Director: Giulia Gartner
Director of Photography: Alice Greenfield

Center of the Sea Presented by Corona

The mythical islands of Azores, Portugal, hide incredible landscapes and waves only so few are fortunate enough to experience. Surfers Ana Lourenco and Emilie Uttrup empower one another as they search for off-the-beaten-path adventures among this far-flung batch of islands.

Center of the Sea
for Corona Beer
Director: Parker Schmidt
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

The story refers to the last book of the Bible „the Revelation of John“.
John is imprisoned and experiences a prophecy from God, in which he experiences the apocalypse of the distant future.

The part is by far the most relevant for our current society from today’s perspective. The Last Judgment sends apocalyptic horsemen over the world, who bring blood, death, hunger, fear, but also justice and victory over the world. The profit greed, selfishness, exploitation of animals and nature of our society have led to this.

Director: Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

Are we really happy?

In a world where the quest for a facade of happiness overshadows the gritty realities of life, Broken Piano Peace delves deep into the societal pressures of maintaining a perfect exterior. Through the eyes of Louise, a young woman ensnared by the complexities of life, the video explores the lengths to which individuals go to escape their truths.

Broken Piano Peace
for Julius
Director: Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe

The everyday hustle has caught up to you again.
You feel trapped.

That’s just when you know, you gotta run.

Director: Peter Bender
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe
The Abyss
for Peak Performance
Director: Oscar Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe
Ndyebo Mapekula
for Adidas Runners
Director: Moritz Uthe
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe
Mobile Campaign (2021)
for XOXO
Agency: Warda Network
Director: Daniel Hager
Director of Photography: Pascal Hein
Mobile Campaign (2022)
for XOXO
Director: Daniel Hager
Director of Photography: Pascal Hein
Schani Vienna
for Schani Hotels
Director: Stefan Pecher
Director of Photography: Moritz Uthe